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sim me
So, several months back my desktop computer completely died. I did manage to take out the hard drive and save everything from it but poof, my beloved computer was finally dead. For several months I only used my iPod Touch to check Facebook and my email and that was the extent of my surfing. Then I finally started playing Fallout 3, ended up getting my husband hooked too and 2 weeks after that we got the GOTY edition and are still doing side-quests. (We played it on our XBox 360.) Eventually someone gave my husband an older laptop and we switched so now I have his "older" one (it's the same "age" my desktop was) and he has the actual older one (it's an XP!).

Finally today I installed all the Sims 2 EPs on here, after much messing around trying to figure out how to install the latest DirectX because all the EPs after Nightlife wouldn't load until I updated. It took probably 4 hours to install from base game to AL with installing patches in between. Then I had to transfer all my CC to this computer which took awhile. I still don't have my entire Downloads folder together because the game crashed several times while trying to load some Maxis-made apartment complexes and after awhile I just gave up on those and started building a house of my own.

Anyone else who has all EPs and no SPs have their game crash when they try to load the Dynamo Duplex and something called the Ocean Spray something or other apartments? It's really weird. I took all my hacks and eventually all my CC out but it still crashed. I don't have any families in there, heck I haven't made any families yet so who knows.

Pics pretty soon, once I change the settings on Gadwin and create something worth showing off. Toodles.


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