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Kajin: Woman's Beauty - 15 paintings of lovely Japanese ladies
sim me

I'm still very new to creating paintings, haha.

I've been obsessed with Japan since I was 8 years old, (I'm 26 now, do the math ^_^) & I've been wanting good quality pictures of geisha (or geisha-style) art for my sims homes for awhile now and I decided to make some to share with everyone here. These 15 paintings are recolors of Maxis' "The Lady On Red." I'm fairly sure you only need the base game to use these. Don't forget that you need CEP files for these recolors to show up.

Here are reference pics of all 15 paintings, because it's too large, I'll just link to it:

Please don't claim/redistribute as your own. You may share these in houses as long as you credit me & no paysites.

Enjoy!! - Jacqui


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Did you repost this from an earlier time when you made them? Because I remember snagging them for download at GoS or somewhere else, and have them in game already.^^;

Yeah, I have them on GoS but I figured I'd repost here for people who get confused by GoS. Glad you like these =)

These are my favorite for very elegant rooms, and I love these. <3 Also, sorry if I came off as defensive; there have been instances of people stealing other's work and posting it on LJ and I wanted to make sure. ^^;

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