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Did I mention I love post-apocalyptic stuff?
sim me
I switched CC for my game to show you the beginnings of my new post-apocalyptic 'hood which doesn't have a good name yet.

No Photoshopping, just straight from the game.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

For some reason, I've always had a strange love for abandoned places, ghost towns, etc. Not because I think they're haunted per se, but because they look haunting. Hauntingly beautiful. That and I've been watching too many Twilight Zone episodes...LOL.

So this is my new neighborhood, inspired heavily by the books Children of Men by P.D. James wherein there's a virus or something that makes people unable to have children until it's been years since there was a single child and bands of young adults who have no hope for the future roam the streets looking only for violence. That and The Road by Cormac McCarthy, where a father and son journey south in the hopes of finding a better life after the world was ruined by some unknown catastrophe and there are now bands of bloodthirsty cannibals following them everywhere and they only have 2 bullets in their gun. (I like dark books like those sometimes.)

Anyway, enjoy those two pics. I'll see if I can work more on the Klooty legacy, I've taken a billion screen shots and I'm already up to the third generation so I can take a break once I post more pics of that and work on my new 'hood.

If anyone wants to pick out a name they can =)

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Oooooooh this is nice lookin' so far! I remember when I first started out playin sims I tried to go for the post-apocolyptic look! At the time I had a crappy computer so it didn't work out to well! And not to mention I could never find any good CC! :o

But I'm interested in seeing how yours turns out! And those books sound very interesting, I might have to look into those! :)

Thank you! Also, both those books were recently made into movies though I do recommend you read the books first =)

That's why they sounded so familiar! Well, I always like to try and read the books first before the movie, sometimes the movie can be really crappy but the book will be good!

I bloody love it. The sky fits beautifully as well.

You know, I'm trying to build a post-apocalyptic neighbourhood myself, and would love to know where you get all your grungy 'hood deco from.

Thank you & no problem.

The sky and some of the buildings are from psychosim who has a ton of other amazing post-apoc. stuff. The road/terriain replacements and some of the bare trees are from Javiera, some buildings from bagfran/eclectica/curiousb, and the burnt-out buildings are possibly also from psychosim but I need to find the link where I got them.

The playground things are by Maxis but were recolored by someone on MTS and I'll check for that link too.

OK I found the burnt-out buildings after some searching here on GoS. I don't think these are in his LJ anywhere (I assume psychosim is a guy lol), now I'm just looking for the rusty playground stuff.

Thank you so so much! This is perfect. :D

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